Sunday, June 05, 2016

Facility Fodder

On campus taking pictures of the work on Memorial Field I discovered that one of the six new "house communities" has arisen on the former tennis courts alongside Davis Varsity House.
This is one of the "temporary buildings" as seen from the Friends of Football reception area. (Click to enlarge.)
The view from the street
The Memorial Field press box is visible in the background.
To learn more about the "house communities," check out a release last fall from Dartmouth Now. Posted below is a screen grab from the Dartmouth Now release with an artist's rendition of the interior of one of the temporary buildings, such as the one above.
As long as the subject of the day is facilities, a group of local residents has put up a website – and letters have begun appearing in the local daily – asking that the indoor practice facility on the athletic department's drawing board be moved from its planned location in the "sunken garden" behind the Boss Tennis Center.

The Relocate Dartmouth Indoor Practice Facility website can be found HERE. The Dartmouth Now announcement that the trustees approved "completion of design development and planning" can be found HERE

Rather than a fabric bubble, the indoor facility will be a hard-sided building. I can't find my notes but I seem to recall that it would feature a regulation-width, 70-yard artificial turf field. For an early rendering of the outside, click HERE.