Monday, June 06, 2016

Most Exciting

After Friday's posting that included this, "If not the single most exciting player I've seen in a Big Green uniform Craig (Morton) is certainly high on the list," an email arrived asking who else is on that list. Good question.

You asked for it, you got it.

Here's a list of other players deserving a "most-exciting" mention. The list dates back to the mid-1980s when I first began traveling with Dartmouth football. Keep in mind, this is not a list of the best players I've seen – although just about every one of these players would be in that conversation.

As always, your mileage may vary.

• Shawn Abuhoff '12 – A terrific defensive back and even better return specialist. Every time he got the ball in his hands you held your breath wondering what was going to happen.

• Hunter Buckner '94 – Ever listen to those speeches from the steps of Dartmouth Hall on Homecoming? Boring. Buckner broke the mold when the linebacker promised to open a can of "whup-ass" against Harvard. And that's how he played.

• David Clark '90 – Two 97-yard touchdown runs in the same year and he was built like Herschel Walker.

• Josh Dooley '06 – When the linebacker from Oklahoma hit them, they stayed hit. His courageous performance in Dartmouth's last win over Harvard was one for the ages.

• Jay Fiedler '94 – His epic battles against fellow future NFLer Keith Elias and Princeton are the stuff of legend. No game was out of reach with Jay on the field.

• Anthony Gargiulo '06 – Assistant coach Pat O'Leary marveled when the defensive end's cleats tore up the grass as he blew around the corner. A whirling dervish who holds the Dartmouth career sacks record.

• Ryan '15 and Timmy McManus '11 – Don't even think about making me choose between the dynamic receivers/return specialists.

• George Neos '93 – The only thing missing was the cape when the linebacker would launch himself over the line to grab hold of a ballcarrier.

• Shon Page '90 – A pigeon-toed "Baryshnikov in the Backfield."

• Dave Regula '98 – It was just one game against Penn, but how could you not include a placekicker who personally scored 10 points in about seven seconds? (The left-footer kicked a field goal, returned a fumble for a touchdown on his kickoff and then added the PAT.)

• Al Rosier '91 – Led the nation in rushing. Nuff said.

• Nick Schwieger '12 – The tough-as-nails tailback made a lot of great plays but one in particular at Brown might have changed the whole course of Dartmouth football.

• Zack Walz '98 – The linebacker nicknamed The Blade for his physique, but just as much for the damage he could do to opposing offenses.

• Dalyn Williams '15 – Not surprised, are you?

• Ian Wilson '08 – The bigger the game the bigger the hit the safety would lay on an opponent in the early moments to establish the tone for the afternoon.