Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Five Words Tell The Story

Put up or shut up. That handful of words goes a long way toward explaining why the STATS site ranks FCS conferences this way (LINK):

1. Missouri Valley
2. CAA
3. Big Sky
4. Southern
5. Southland
6. Ohio Valley
7.Big South
8. Patriot
9. Ivy
10. Northeast
11. Mid-Eastern
12. Southwestern Athletic
13. Pioneer Football

Given the Ivy League's performance against Patriot League teams over the past few years. you would think that the Ivy would be ranked ahead of the Patriot. But no. And the reason?

Since 2000, Patriot League teams have won 11 games in the NCAA playoffs.

The Ivy League hasn't won any – because the conference presidents continue their indefensible policy of allowing every NCAA sport their schools field to compete in the postseason except for football.
The STATS story offers a capsule look at each conference and regarding the Ivy League, Craig Haley – the FCS senior editor who knows the Ivy League well from his days as a Princeton beat reporter – writes:
The good - How impressive is this?: Over the last 15 seasons, Harvard's worst record is 7-3. All the Crimson do is reload.
The bad and the ugly - While it was a huge season for the three league champions last season, Penn lost a lot (11 starters), Harvard lost even more (13) and Dartmouth lost too much (17).
 A writer thinks the Los Angeles-St. Louis-Los Angeles Rams ought to take a look at Dalyn Williams if they are in need of a quarterback. The RamsWire story cites the video report from Football Gameplan's Emory Hunt and a story on AmericanSportsNet as evidence of why Williams might be an answer in St. Louis. Oops, in Los Angeles. (LINK)

Green Alert Take: Just imagine the writer's enthusiasm for the idea if he knew the Rams' COO, Kevin Demoff, has two degrees from Dartmouth and that the team's senior assistant of football operations, Tony Pastoors, is a former Dartmouth player.
A California newspaper has a story about five "Calabasas High School Senior Standouts," and one of the handful is incoming Dartmouth linebacker Arthur Kaslow. (LINK)
Missed this earlier but by all means check out TigerBlog's story (LINK) about graduating Princeton senior Chuck Dibilio. TB writes:
There were times when it seemed impossible that he would ever reach Nassau Hall in a cap and gown. The obstacles he had to overcome were extraordinary, not like those of anyone else who was there yesterday - or ever before . . .
Dibilio became first true Ivy League freshman ever to rush for more than 1,000 yards only to suffer a stroke before his first college finals. He never played again but with hard work and a lot of help graduated in five years.