Sunday, June 12, 2016

Graduation Day

Sometimes . . . you get lucky, at least for a while.

The forecast most of the week had been for a gorgeous Saturday and a cold, rainy graduation Sunday.

What happened?

We had a cold-rainy Saturday and as of this writing it is a gorgeous Sunday! The forecast is still a little dicey and there are clouds coming in, but so far, so good.

Congratulations to the graduates in the Class of 2016 including the seniors who helped restore Dartmouth back atop the Ivy League football standings ;-)

You can watch a live stream of graduation HERE.

And if you want to watch one of the all-time classic Dartmouth graduation speeches, check out Conan O'Brien's 2011 address. With all the inside cracks he makes it is clear the Harvard grad did his homework.

A couple of sports notes before heading into town to watch graduation . . .

Dartmouth had two members of the women's track team earn first-team All-America honors at the NCAA's in Eugene. Kaitlin Whitehorn jumped 5-11.5 to finish third in the high jump and Dana Giordano ran a school-record 4:11.86 to finish third in the 1500 meters, breaking Abbey D'Agostino's mark of 4:11.94. It is the second-fastest time ever by an Ivy Leaguer.
Dartmouth had two pitchers taken in the baseball draft. The Chicago Cubs selected 6-foot-6 senior righthander Duncan Robinson in the ninth round and junior righty Michael Danielak going in the 28th round to the Pittsburgh Pirates.
Speaking of Pittsburgh, Dartmouth grad Ben Lovejoy could be hosting the Stanley Cup tonight. Lovejoy, who has had a breakout series, was the subject of this STORY.