Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dalyn Williams Has A Fan

Headline from a Fansided story:
Chicago Bears: Intriguing QB Added To Depth Chart; The Chicago Bears would seem to have their quarterback depth chart set for 2016, but that would be too easy an assumption.  Especially after a recent signing.
The writer seems to "get"  Dartmouth product Dalyn Williams, writing:
Williams could easily be chalked up as another of those run-first quarterback overcrowding college football. Yet he seems to operate with more of a professional edge. Most of the time when he runs it’s to buy time to throw and it’s clear he makes a note to stand in the pocket to the last possible second to deliver the football.
And . . .
Many times a QB will just try to get out of the way whenever he’s pressured.  Often it will result in a sack, a throwaway or a turnover.  Williams has the capability to pull off a Houdini-type escape and then get the ball away to an open man. 
When the University of New Hampshire invades Memorial Field this fall it will be bringing an Athlon Preseason All-American on offense (tight end Jordan Powell) and another on defense (corner Casey DeAndrade). The only Ivy Leaguer named to the first team is a deserving choice – Cornell punter Chris Fraser. (LINK)