Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dartmouth South

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Add Jarrail "JJ" Jackson Mississippi State to the ranks of former Dartmouth football coaches on the Bulldogs' staff.

SI reports that Jackson, who turned Oklahoma into a Dartmouth hotbed and brought Dalyn Williams to Hanover from Texas, is joining the MSU recruiting office. (LINK)

Jackson coached at Dartmouth from 2006-11, then spent three years at Washington State and last year as quarterback coach at Davidson.

In addition to Jackson, former Dartmouth coaches Scott Sallach and Mike Bruno are on staff at MSU.

Sallach, who coaches the Bulldog tight ends, was wide receivers coach and special teams assistant at Dartmouth from 1998-2002. He was a college teammate of State head coach Dan Mullen at Ursinus.

Mike Bruno, who got his start as video coordinator at Dartmouth in 2011 and rose to work as nickels coach, is a defensive graduate assistant this year at Mississippi State.

(Thanks to BGA's loyal West Coast correspondent for the tip on JJ ;-)