Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Right Stuff

A few years ago someone who should have known better painted football players as "antithetical" to the mission of a college like Dartmouth.

There are a lot of past and current football players that person ought to meet, and one of them is former offensive lineman Will Montgomery '11.

Montgomery, whose honors thesis was entitled, "An Investigation into the Reactivity of Cyanoindole Compound," just successfully defended his doctoral dissertation at the University of Texas at Austin. The three-year letterwinner and two-year starter will begin post-doc work in drug development at the University of Illinois next month.
Speaking of academics and the Ivy League, have you ever checked out the page Understanding the Academic Index? (LINK)

Editor's Note: I may have to ask Will Montgomery to explain it to me ;-)
On that subject of the AI, I've posted this before but this pithy thought a Dartmouth alum included in an opinion piece in The Dartmouth:
The college can admit anyone it wants who is not a student-athlete, regardless of GPA or test scores. But if the candidate happens to be a student-athlete, the college cannot admit him/her without certain GPA/test scores per the Academic Index established by the Ivy League.