Friday, July 15, 2016

In The Summertime . . .

When you were a kid there was nothing more unappealing, or even frightening, than those two words no one ever wanted to hear . . .  summer school.

Dartmouth's sophomores are required (with a few exceptions) to take classes in the summer before their junior year and guess what?

They generally like summer school. Check out this video produced by the college a couple of years ago:

If Dartmouth students like the summer term, the Dartmouth football coaches really like having their players on campus for 10 weeks heading into preseason ;-)
There are a few other schools still in the mix but a well-regarded 6-foot-3, 235-pound Iowa defensive end told Rivals:
"I'm down to Stanford and Dartmouth and then also maybe Princeton or Columbia. Columbia has extended an offer, Dartmouth has extended an offer. Stanford has also extended that preferred walk-on offer. I'm going out to camp next week on Thursday to go out to Princeton and compete for an offer there."
Find the story about Dylan Boles of Van Meter, Iowa HERE.