Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lookin' Good

The "D" has been installed in the middle of Memorial Field. Here's a selection of pictures taken yesterday, starting with a panorama. (And no, the field isn't curved ;-). Apologies for the glare. The stadium is locked up and the glare is the result of shooting through windows. Click the photos to enlarge them.

Walking past the new "House Community" built on the former tennis courts alongside Davis Varsity House, I was struck by the addition of trees. I'd originally thought the temporary building was being erected atop the (now torn up) tennis courts, which would eventually reopen. Perhaps the courts will some day be replaced, but here's hoping the college lumberjacks have a powerful forehand ;-)
A good number of incoming Dartmouth players have been chosen for/will play in/have played in all-star games before arriving on campus next month. Among them is Massillon quarterback Jake Pallotta, who will suit up in Ohio's Canton Repository-Pro Football Hall of Fame East-West All-Star Game.

Pallotta will be joined by explosive Princeton-bound John Colangelo, who will compete in track at the college level.

Find a story HERE.
The Brown preview has been posted by College Sports Journal. CSJ's predictions so far:

8. Cornell
7. Columbia
6. Brown

Find a link to the Brown preview HERE.
Dartmouth's rebuilt Memorial Field will be the newest college football stadium in the state for all of one year. CLICK HERE for an update on the new facility at the University of New Hampshire.
With Abbey D'Agostino claiming her spot in the Olympics, Dartmouth will have seven athletes competing in Rio. They are:

Abbey D'Agostino '14 – 5000 meters
Sean Furey '04 – javelin
Alexi Pappas '12 – 10000 meters (Greece)

Anthony Fahden '08 – Lightweight Four
Josh Konieczny ’13 – Lightweight Double Sculls

Madison Hughes '15 – Rugby Sevens

Evie Stevens '05 – Road
And finally . . .

With the temperature possibly hitting 90 degrees here today Mrs. BGA and I left a large cooler of ice cold "trail magic" drinks and snacks for Appalachian Trail thru-hikers at the trailhead a few hundred yards down our dirt road this morning. With That Certain '14 always contemplating a summer on the AT and yours truly daydreaming about one day setting off on a 2,200-mile walkabout, maybe leaving something for the hikers coming up our mountain will bring good karma ;-)

For what it's worth, on my daily afternoon hike out our back door and up to South Peak this week alone I've met an ex-pat thru-hiker who has lived in Switzerland for 30-plus years, a young couple from Germany, a retired husband-wife doctor team from Georgia, a geologist from Utah ecstatic to have escaped the oil patch, a recent college grad from Wisconsin, and two hikers from Washington State who met on the AT. It's always interesting to hear their stories.