Wednesday, July 06, 2016


A few pictures taken Tuesday from different angles of the pristine FieldTurf surface going in at Memorial Field. The "infill" pellets that were black on the old field will be encapsulated in green this time around and an adapted design of the "grass" will keep more of the rubber pellets in the field and out of shoes, shoulder pads and eyes ;-)

Don't worry, there's a "D" headed for midfield, there will be lettering in the end zone and there might even be a little surprise in store. Stay tuned.

The second of three posts featuring videos produced for returning Dartmouth players prior to their freshman seasons in Hanover. Yesterday's video was for this year's seniors. This one is for the rising junior class:

The College Sports Journal begins its Ivy League preview series with a look at Cornell, which it pegs as the No. 8 finisher in the Ivy League race next fall. Find a link to the preview HERE.

Roger Hughes, the former Dartmouth offensive coordinator and later head coach at Princeton, has received a contract extension as head coach at Stetson of the Pioneer Football League. FootballScoop writes:
The extension includes incentives, which if achieved, would extend the contract through the 2020 season. Hughes has overseen the birth of the Stetson program, which has recorded 10 wins in their first three seasons on the field.
Sad news for those of a certain age who remember watching endless reruns of the Superman TV series with George Reeves as the man with the S on his chest. Noel Neill, who played Lois Lane, has died at age 95. Why do I bring that up? I never spent any time on stage . . . except ever-so-briefly with Noel Neill. It's a pretty funny story. Ask me about it sometime ;-)