Wednesday, August 24, 2016

And So It Begins

Spotted this graphic out of the Dartmouth football office and thought it appropriate to re-post because today is a day to be great: The first day of practice.

BGA Premium will be there and have the story tonight – along with the third in a series of opponent previews, this one of Cornell.

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The official Dartmouth football roster page has been updated with heights, weights and numbers. Things get interesting right at the top with freshman receiver Hunter Hagdorn inheriting Victor Williams No. 1 and Danny McManus taking over the family franchise and becoming the third brother to wear No. 2.

A full 10 players are now listed at 300 or more pounds with two others at 295 and three more at 290. The lowest weight on the roster is 160.

Thee are three players listed at 6-foot-7, two at 6-6 and seven at 6-5. The smallest player is 5-6.

The top three positions for number of players:
Offensive Line - 21
Linebacker - 19
Wide Receiver - 17
The MVP robotic tackling dummy has made an appearance at the San Francisco 49ers camp. (LINK)
Dartmouth coach Buddy Teevens gets a mention in a story about three prep schools in Northern New Jersey holding a non-tackling scrimmage. (LINK)
Not many of you have been in the old press box at the University of New Hampshire's football stadium, but if you have, you will thoroughly enjoy THIS STORY. It really did look like – and was built like – a bunker. What I'll always remember is having to hold onto railings while climbing up a set of concrete steps that leaned a touch back as you got higher. Quite the place.