Wednesday, September 07, 2016

A Familiar Name

It appeared several years ago that placekicker Wyatt Schmidt, younger brother of former Dartmouth standout Foley Schmidt '12, was headed to Hanover. Late in the process, however, the 6-foot-3 younger brother called an audible and instead chose to walk on at USC.

If you tuned in to the Alabama-USC game Saturday night from Jerryworld you saw Schmidt on the field for the Trojans.

But not as a kicker.

As the holder! As they say in the Ivy League, he found a way to "get on the bus." Better make that "get on the plane."

Schmidt also is USC's backup long snapper, although he's still available as a kicker and punter. He is enrolled in the school's well-regarded Science of Real Estate program. 

A third brother, Macalaster Schmidt, is a sophomore kicker/punter playing for onetime Dartmouth Associate Head Coach Chris Wilkerson at the University of Chicago.
Dartmouth's Week One and Week Two opponents are playing each other Saturday night when Holy Cross helps UNH open its new stadium.

Find Week One UNH's notes HERE.

Find the Holy Cross notes HERE.
The Los Angeles Times has a story under the headline: Football: Ivy League's top QBs are from Cali, Alek Torgersen and Chad Kanoff

I was a bit surprised that in a mention of Ivy League players the Times wrote:
At Dartmouth, two freshmen will try to play, defensive back Micah Croom (La Mirada) and linebacker Arthur Laslow (Calabasas). Offensive lineman Peter Eggert (Laguna Hills) is a senior. 
I'd have thought they would have mentioned Atherton's Jack Heneghan, who may well be the Big Green's starting quarterback this fall. It took a second to realize that while the headline is about QB's from "Cali" the story is actually about players from Southern California. Makes sense in an LA newspaper.

By the way, Arthur "Laslow" from Calabasas should be Arthur Kaslow.

Any chance that the writer is a movie fan and was thinking of Laszlo from Casablanca when writing Laslow from Calabasas? ;-)