Thursday, September 08, 2016

This And That

The Columbia fan blog Roar Lions 2016 picks the Ivy League race this way:

1. Penn
2. Harvard
3. Princeton
4. Dartmouth
5. Columbia
6. Brown 
7. Yale
8. Cornell

True story. Just about every time I use the color palette for the Ivy League schools I think about a former Dartmouth basketball player, and a pretty good one. His final choice of schools came down to Dartmouth or Brown and when I asked him what made the difference, he said something like, "I could never see myself wearing one of those ugly brown uniforms."
An incredibly poignant tribute from the opening weekend of college football:

Green Alert Take: Not mentioned in the piece, unless I missed it, was Fresno State declining to take the penalty. Perfect.
The funniest thing from the opening weekend (except for the kickoff returner and his family):

Give a bunch of football players a video camera and look out. There's some funny stuff from the University of New Hampshire media day. Look for former Dartmouth head coach John Lyons refusing to be tricked at the 2:07 mark.

Green Alert Take: I'd love to see what the Dartmouth players could come up with if they handed a camera around like this.
A couple more stories out of UNH. First, a "frugal librarian" left $4 million to the state university and some of it will go to pay for the football stadium's enormous new video screen. It's a sweet story how the fellow suddenly took to football. (LINK)

Old friend Allen Lessels has penned a Welcome to Wildcat Stadium, which will debut Saturday night with a game against Holy Cross. (LINK)
BGA Premium's practice story last night started with a look at the Catapult monitoring system Dartmouth is using this year to measure player exertion.

Sorry, but there won't be a BGA report on today's Harvard preseason game. Although I can guarantee I wouldn't divulge any state secrets, "rules is rules" and I can't win this one so BGA will go "radio silent" as they say.