Saturday, September 10, 2016

Who Knew?

Talking with Jay Fiedler '94 after a Dartmouth football game one day he told me he was helping a quarterback prepare for the NFL draft. I'd forgotten the name but remembered the team – the Denver Broncos.

On a hunch after Northwestern graduate Trevor Siemian helped the Broncos knock off the Carolina Panthers in the NFL lidlifter I Googled around a little bit and, lo and behold, discovered Siemian was, in fact, the quarterback Fiedler had been tutoring.

CLICK HERE to watch and listen to Fiedler talking about Siemian in the video (above) from which this still was taken.

From a recent Denver Post story:
“He was one of the sharpest guys that I’ve worked with,” said Fiedler, a former NFL quarterback. “I worked in a number of different offenses throughout my time in the NFL, and one of the things that I realized throughout my career is you had better be quick to learn, because coaches can change at any minute or you could change teams at any minute.”
Fiedler, of course, succeeded Dan Marino as the Miami Dolphins' starting quarterback, starting 59 games with the Fins during an NFL career that spanned eight seasons.

In case you are wondering what Jay is up to these days, the Miami Dolphins did a Where Are They Now with him a year ago. Find it HERE.
The local daily has a story about the life of Bob McLaughry '44, who died Wednesday at the age of 95. Area residents will recognize the name McLaughry because of the eponymous real estate company but followers of Dartmouth football history may remember it for another reason.

Bob McLaughry was the son of DeOrmond "Tuss" McLaughry, who coached at Dartmouth 1941-42 and 1945-54. (He coached at Brown for 15 years prior to his arrival in Hanover and also coached at Amherst and Westminster.)

Bob McLaughry lettered for his dad in 1946. From the story about his life:
Despite what outwardly might appear to be a conventional small college-town real estate wheeler and dealer, McLaughry’s life was the stuff of movies, according to family, friends and associates.
A college football player, daredevil skier — he took his last run down the Dartmouth Skiway at age 91 — jet fighter pilot, father of four, husband in two lengthy marriages, businessman and civic leader, McLaughry lived in full sense of the word a complete life.
If you want to get a sneak peek at Dartmouth's first two opponents, you can catch the New Hampshire-Holy Cross game from Durham, N.H., at 7 tonight on the American Sports Network or NESN. For entertainment purposes only, you might be interested to know that New Hampshire is a 1½-point favorite. The Wildcats lost last week at San Diego State while the Crusaders won at Morgan State.

Towson (0-1), Dartmouth's final nonconference opponent, entertains St. Francis tonight at 6.
It's back to practice at 4 this afternoon for the Dartmouth football team. Check BGA Premium tonight for reaction to Thursday's affair in Cambridge (actually Allston).

The second of the three-part BGA look at how Dartmouth's freshmen are coming along is tentatively set for tomorrow night.