Friday, September 09, 2016

Sound Performance

With the Harvard preseason game in the books and the Dartmouth coaches on the road recruiting today is an "off day" for the Big Green. The coaches and team will be back on the field tomorrow at 4 p.m. (for a practice originally slated for the morning). Check BGA Premium tonight for the first of a three-part look at how the freshmen are settling in with the team as well as Coach Buddy Teevens' reflections coming off the afternoon in Boston.
Dartmouth brought in three quarterbacks in this year's freshman class (Jake Pallotta, Jared Gerbino and Cole Douglas) but the merry-go-round never stops. Cincinnati TV station WCPO writes that the Big Green will be taking a look at 6-foot-5, 220-pound Indian Hill senior Reed Aichholz tonight. (LINK)
Speaking of QBs, the local Valley News writes about Jake Pallotta leading the race for the No. 3 quarterback slot and running with the "twos" while another QB nurses a slight injury.
Dartmouth Coach Buddy Teevens gets a little free "pub" on The Week magazine site in a story headlined, How virtual reality is changing the future of sports. (LINK)
The UNH-Holy Cross game opening New Hampshire's new football stadium leads the FCS Top-25 roundup on the STATS site. Editor Craig Haley picks New Hampshire to celebrate the big day with a win over the Crusaders. (LINK)
Considering games are only a week away things are pretty quiet on the College Sports Journal's Ivy League discussion board.
Speaking of discussion boards, time for a little rant. Following this thread on the often-entertaining, sometimes-maddening, occasionally well off-base Voy forum, the anger at the closing of the Yale-Brown scrimmage was clear. Clearer yet was that at a time when the Ivy League should be doing everything it can to build its fan base, it is instead chasing some people away, or at the very least making them pretty angry. As someone said to me, Ivy League teams shouldn't be closing their Ivy-Ivy scrimmages, they should be handing out free sandwiches and sodas to try to get people to attend. Who knows? They may even come back.