Friday, November 11, 2016

Home Season Closes With Brown This Year; Every Season Soon

Dartmouth and Brown will play on the penultimate Saturday of the season for the penultimate time tomorrow.

(pəˈnəltəmətadjective [attributivelast but one in a series of things; second to the last: the penultimate chapter of the book.)

A change in the Ivy League football schedule will see Dartmouth and Brown finishing the season against each other every year starting in 2018.

While the Big Green has closed with either Princeton or Penn since before the start of formal Ivy League play there is a precedent for ending a season against Brown.

Dartmouth finished against the Bears in 1895, every year from 1899 through 1906, and then again in 1917, 1919, 1922 and 1940.

Dartmouth-Brown Scores Since 2000
2000 - Brown 34, Dartmouth 26
2001 - Brown  41, Dartmouth 16
2002 - Brown 21, Dartmouth 18
2003 - Brown  26, Dartmouth 21
2004 - Dartmouth 20, Brown 7
2005 - Brown 24, Dartmouth 14
2006 - Dartmouth 19, Brown 13 (OT)
2007 - Brown  56, Dartmouth 35
2008 - Brown 45, Dartmouth 16
2009 - Brown  14, Dartmouth 7 (OT)
2010 - Brown  35, Dartmouth 28
2011 - Dartmouth 21, Brown  16
2012 - Brown  28, Dartmouth 24
2013 - Dartmouth 24, Brown  20
2014 - Dartmouth 44, Brown  21

2015 - Dartmouth 34, Brown  18
Dartmouth's biggest rival? A majority of people will probably say Harvard although there are a good number of folks who will say Princeton. A few will argue for Penn, and Yale might get some votes.

Yale's biggest rival? I know what you are thinking: You've got to be numb to even ask that question.

Turns out legendary Yale coach Carm Cozza has some interesting thoughts on just that. This is from the Sportzedge website:
“When I first came here, the students wanted to beat Dartmouth more than anyone else,” he said, probably to the surprise of most of those in the room.
“For the coaches, of course, a win over Harvard was the one we pointed to,” he added, “although we naturally wanted to win them all.”
The players, however, felt differently. “For them, it was not Dartmouth or Harvard, but Princeton,” even though Harvard has always been The Rival in The Game, and the one win the alumni wanted the most.
The Valley News has a story on Dartmouth receiver/tight end Joseph Cook under the headline: Dartmouth Senior a Leader From Sidelines.
Headed to Logan Airport in Boston shortly to pick up That Certain Dartmouth '14, who will be home for the first time since Christmas. An earth sciences major with an education minor, she spent last winter as an educational ranger at Everglades National Park and then the summer working with Yellowstone's Youth Conservation Corps. Since late August she has been working as an educational ranger at Yellowstone, where she will spend the winter giving tours on a Snowcoach before resuming her ranger duties.

In quite a coincidence, almost a year after we started a large renovation project in our house the final piece of the project is being finished today with the installation of a new door from our mud room into the garage. The timing with That Certain '14 getting her first look at all the work that has been done on the day that it officially finishes – after nothing has been touched on the project for about four months while the door was on order – is uncanny.

And finally, I'm the least political animal you will find but here's something that occurred to me while at Dartmouth football practice yesterday . . .

I was watching a couple of the sophomores and found myself thinking, "Yikes, those guys were untested freshmen just a year ago and in another week they'll be halfway through their college careers."

Translation: Four years isn't as long as you might think it is.
Of course, everything is relative. Four years can seem an eternity if you are paying tuition room and board for that long ;-(