Thursday, November 10, 2016

Quiet Fun

Dartmouth football does the Mannequin Challenge after Tuesday's practice:

Game notes have been posted both for Dartmouth and Brown.

Find the Dartmouth game notes HERE.
Find the Brown game notes HERE.
Saturday's game will be televised on ONE World Sports. To see if you can pick up the network, try its Channel Finder HERE.
John Carney '78, former Bob Blackman winner as Dartmouth MVP and a first-team, All-Ivy League defensive back, has been elected governor of Delaware. From a story on
A Delaware native, Carney is one of nine siblings in a family with an athletic bent. He was an All-Ivy League football player at Dartmouth and worked as a sports coach after graduation.
Promising concussion detection news out of Western University in London, Ont. (LINK):
Scientists from Children’s Health Research Institute, a program of Lawson Health Research Institute, and Western University have developed a new blood test that identifies with greater than 90 per cent certainty whether or not an adolescent athlete has suffered a concussion. ...
In the relatively inexpensive test, blood is drawn from an individual that may have suffered a concussion as the result of a sudden blow to the head (or from transmitted forces from a sudden blow to the body) within 72 hours of the incident. The scientists measure a panel of metabolites – small molecules that are the products of the body’s metabolism – in the blood to search for distinct patterns that indicate a concussion has occurred.
(Thanks to Mrs. BGA for the news tip ;-)
And finally, The Dartmouth reports "Over 300 march in protest of Donald Trump presidency." Dartmouth coach Buddy Teeven gathered his team for an election discussion after yesterday's practice. Read more on BGA Premium.