Tuesday, December 06, 2016

And The Winner Is . . .

A BGA reader spotted a Dartmouth reference in an ESPN story spun out of the college football playoff. (LINK) Ivan Maisel writes:
Southern football announced itself on the national stage in the 1926 Rose Bowl when Alabama, invited only after Dartmouth, Yale and Colgate said no, beat a Washington team considered unbeatable. The Tide spotted the Huskies a 12-0 lead, but then came back in the second half to win 20-19. 
Another reader points us toward a Boston Globe story about the tight end who "was Gronk before Gronk." (LINK) Gronk would be the Patriots' Rob Gronkowski. The original Gronk? Mark Bavaro, father of Dartmouth nickel Lucas Bavaro, an All-Ivy League honorable mention choice this year.

Bob Ryan in the Globe:
"... Belichick said you’d have to compare Gronkowski to Bavaro, not the other way around ..."
He'd have gotten no argument from That Certain BGA Guy's father, who was an enormous Mark Bavaro fan ;-)