Friday, January 06, 2017

Back To Work

Where have all the two-sport athletes gone? As this video reminds us, if you want to win in the fall you have to put the work in during the winter and spring. With classes resuming, Dartmouth football has begun preparation for the 2017 season:

A "notebook" item of interest from the Manchester Union Leader:
For the record, Dartmouth went 3-0 against UNH in football, men’s hockey and men’s basketball.
Dartmouth wide receiver/tight end Joseph Cook has started the blog, Confessions of an Ivy League Student Athlete. Just one post so far but you can check it out HERE.
Interesting Bloomberg story about the cost of college football at the FBS level with a look at a school that made the move up but many believe should move back to the FCS (UMass), a school that had its football program thrown a life line by alumni giving (Alabama Birmingham), and a school that actually is dropping down a classification (Idaho). (LINK)

The story is the third in a Bloomberg series on college football's financial woes. (LINK)