Sunday, January 22, 2017

Taking His Shot

Dartmouth's original helmet is identifiable in these screen grabs.
Dartmouth linebacker Folarin Orimolade took advantage of his week in California to have a solid outing in front of scouts at the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. From a STATS story on the Fox site (LINK):
Coach Mike Martz won for the third straight year and the National team improved to 6-0 all-time in the NFLPA game. In the win, South Dakota’s Miles Bergner kicked two field goals and three extra points, Southern running back Lenard Tillery finished with 75 all-purpose yards on 10 touches, Dartmouth linebacker Folarin Orimolade collected five tackles and San Diego cornerback Jamal Agnew had an interception.
Don't be surprised if former Dartmouth quarterback Jay Fiedler '94 has a moment or two of reflection watching the Green Bay Packers today in the NFC championship game. Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers faced the same daunting task Fiedler did when he replaced Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino as the Miami Dolphins starter in 2000. It turns out that when Rodgers was taking over for Brett Favre, Fiedler got a call from the Green Bay front office asking if he had any advice for Rodgers about stepping in for a legend.

 Watch and listen to Fiedler share the story HERE.

There's another part of the interview with Jay HERE, where he talks about what he's doing now, which includes this:

Prime Time Football Clinic from Brookwood Camps on Vimeo.

This opinion from the Miami Dolphins' site has been linked to in this space before, but it's worth repeating (LINK):
Of all the players who suited up for the Miami Dolphins, quarterback Jay Fiedler (2000-04) may be one of the most underappreciated performers of them all. Yet in Fiedler’s four full years as the team’s starter, the Dolphins won ten or more games three times, made two playoff appearances and won an AFC East title.