Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Now And Then

Credit to FootballScoop for the idea: Where Were They Then?: Every FBS head coach’s job 10 years ago.

In a posting that includes information on every FBS head coach, FootballScoop found that 24.6 percent of FBS head coaches were head coaches in '07, 23.4 percent were FBS coordinators and 21.5 percent were FBS position coaches. Five current head coaches were out of coaching completely.

That got me thinking about Ivy League head coaches. Where they were 10 years ago? As it turns out, most of them weren't very far (geographically at least) from where they are now. Here's the list:

Phil Estes, Brown – head coach at Brown

Al Bagnoli, Columbia – head coach at Penn

David Archer, Cornell – first-year assistant at Cornell

Buddy Teevens, Dartmouth – head coach at Dartmouth

Tim Murphy, Harvard – head coach at Harvard

Ray Priore, Penn – associate head coach at Penn

Bob Surace, Princeton – assistant coach, Cincinnati Bengals

Tony Reno, Yale – assistant coach at Yale

In the FBS, 13.1 percent of head coaches are head coaches at the same school where they were head coaches 10 years ago. In the Ivy League it's 30 percent ;-)

To access the full FootballScoop story and learn exactly where each FBS coach was 10 years ago,  CLICK HERE.
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