Monday, April 24, 2017

All Systems Green

Judging by his home gym, it is safe to say that linebacker recruit Thomas Hennessy of Lewiston, Minn., is excited about playing football at Dartmouth:

Speaking of linebackers from the Midwest, the Chicago Tribune/Pioneer Press has a mention of linebacker Jack Traynor winning Dartmouth's Doten Award HERE.
Chad Nice joined the Cornell staff some time back, but the former Dartmouth running backs coach has finally been introduced as a member of the Big Red coaching staff with this PRESS RELEASE.  Find the 2005 Cornell graduate's coaching bio HERE.
As of Monday morning former Dartmouth football players Garrett Waggoner, Andy Gay and Michael Runger have raised 224 percent of their goal as they bring the innovative Cirkul flavored water bottle to market. LINK.
BGA Premium will be back at it tonight with a look at the Saturday and Monday practices and a glimpse ahead at what the coaches are hoping to see over the rest of the week. There are also practices slated for  Wednesday (more about that below), Friday (BGA will look ahead to the Green-White) and Saturday (BGA will recap the Green-White, award winners and the spring as a whole).

For Wednesday it is your turn. What are you curious about this spring? The midweek BGA Premium practice report will be built around your questions for Coach Buddy Teevens.

To send along a question for the coach,  CLICK HERE That will address an email with the subject line, Ask the Coach. I'll select a representative sampling of questions and include Coach Teevens' answers with Wednesday's report.
And finally, with the temperature reaching 70.5 degrees here on the shoulder of Moose Mountain yesterday, we arrived home from Pennsylvania to find the last of our snow melted. For the record, a couple of cinder blocks went through the ice on Joe's Pond in West Danville, Vt., yesterday at 4:32 p.m., making someone $4,600 richer. Curious? CLICK HERE.