Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Making His Pitch

A reminder that weather permitting, Dartmouth football coach Buddy Teevens will join the coaches of the other five teams playing games at Fenway Park next fall in throwing out a ceremonial pitch before tonight's Red Sox-Yankees game. Teevens had this to say about his baseball career in last night's BGA Premium practice report:
“I played up until college and actually thought about playing at Dartmouth but I couldn’t hit the curve. The heater I was OK. The curve? See you later.
“Hopefully it comes back a little bit. I went in the weight room on Sunday and walked off 60 feet and threw it against the pads. At least I didn’t miss them, and I didn’t bounce it. Dalyn Williams shot me a text and said, ‘Coach, just don’t throw it in the dirt.’ ”
What are you curious about this spring? The midweek BGA Premium practice report will be built around your questions for Coach Buddy Teevens.

To send along a question for the coach,  CLICK HERE That will address an email with the subject line, Ask the Coach. I'll select a representative sampling of questions and include Coach Teevens' answers with Wednesday's report.
The Mobile Virtual Player continues to make headlines. From the Sports Techie websiteArizona Cardinals Add ‘Great Invention’ Mobile Virtual Player Dummies To Improve Tackling.

SportsTechie borrowed video from the official Arizona Cardinals website that has a video on a page labeled, Tackle Smart With Tackling Dummies. Cardinals coach Bruce Arians refers to the MVP as "a great new invention." CLICK HERE to watch the video.
An opinion piece in the Stanford Daily encouraging the school to end "full-contact" practices includes this:
The Ivy League coaches unanimously decided to eliminate full-contact hitting from regular season practices in 2016. This came on the back of a 2010 decision by league member Dartmouth. The rate of concussions at Dartmouth has decreased many teams over since the enacting of this rule. They’ve found ways to do this without harming play on the field, even winning a league title for the first time in 20 years. Instead of hitting each other, they hit pads and robotic tackling dummies. They also place extra emphasis on tackling the right way.

Having a somewhat itinerant Dartmouth graduate in the family means her copy of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine comes here to Moose Mountain until she lands a permanent position with the National Park Service. (Actually, because they didn't deliver mail up our dirt road when we moved here it goes to our PO Box . . . but I digress.)

Flipping through the May-June issue's Class Notes I found a mention of Jack Manning '72, a defensive back on the undefeated and nationally ranked 1970 team has been inducted into the Montana Indian Athletic Hall of Fame. A little Googling turned up a MontanaSports report that included a video with remarks by Manning and this:
Highlighting Inductee Jack Manning from the Fort Peck Sioux nation! A stellar athlete in football, lacrosse, track and rugby where he played around the world throughout his career! Selected as one of the top 6 defensive backs in Dartmouth Greens history where he played from 1968 to 1971 with a combined record of 27-2! Graduated from Stanford law, J.D. in 1975 where he continues to serve Indian Country! Welcome to the Hall of Fame Jack Manning!
Penn quarterback Alek Torgersen is the only Ivy Leaguer mentioned in a STATS story under the headline, 20 FCS names to know for 2017 NFL Draft. STATS editor Craig Haley, a former Princeton beat writer, pegs Torgesen as a possible seventh round pick.
Oh yeah. Jack Manning's induction took place in Bozeman, Mont., where That Certain Dartmouth '14-turned-Yellowstone ranger spent an evening recently meeting several excited high school seniors at an Accepted Students Night.

Now, you already read today that our little dirt road didn't have mail delivery when we moved here. To put things in perspective, we are about halfway up the road, which runs for three miles. With a new home built this year, there are now four houses on the west side of the road in the mile and a half to our house. What do you think the chances are that That Certain '14 would go to the event in Bozeman and discover that the wife of the alum hosting the evening grew up in one of those four houses? It can be a small world sometimes.

(In case you are wondering, there are four houses on our side of the road before you hit our driveway as well ;-)