Wednesday, April 05, 2017

And Away We Go

Heavy rain and winds that hit a reported 70 mph in Vermont yesterday made the decision to reschedule the start of spring practice to this afternoon the right thing to do. Ditto for the decision to cancel tomorrow's practice with more bad weather in the forecast.

Barring a change, the Big Green will be on Memorial Field today at 4:45 p.m., and then again Saturday at 9:45. This week's third practice will be made up sometime before the April 29 spring "game."

As always during a northern New England spring, the schedule can change.

Be sure to check BGA Premium tonight for coverage of the start of spring football.

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Online acceptances went out last week and as you might expect they have started to show up on Twitter. If you wonder what they look like these days, here's one from incoming running back Dakari Falconer:

For a dramatic improvement over the BGA Pro Day video from last week (LINK), check out this one from Dartmouth football videographer Alex Dodds: