Saturday, April 01, 2017

Welcome To April, Fools

I don't know what it is doing down in Hanover, but up here on Moose Mountain we have received a full foot of snow so far and it's still coming down. At the stick in our front yard there are now 21 inches of standing snow.

I have no idea how much there is in the back, but suffice it to say it is considerably more than that. I'd be surprised if it's not at least three feet of standing snow.

Talk about April Fools :-(

A quick video of the wet snow coming off our our "sun" room's metal roof in clumps:

From the Yankee Stadium Events Twitter page:

Find the Princeton release on the game HERE and a brief STATS story HERE.

Ever wonder what goes into turning a baseball stadium into a football stadium? Check out this time-lapse (start with a minute left if time is short ;-):

Green Alert Take: We went to the Pinstripe Bowl between Penn State and Boston College several years ago and our seats low in the upper deck down the third base line were terrific. It was a much better experience than we expected (although it helped that the Nittany Lions won in overtime ;-)

A high school shot-putter/football player who considered Dartmouth's gold-medal winning shot-putter and football player Adam Nelson a role model was recruited by Dartmouth . . . but chose Princeton. Find the story HERE.
Texans Wire has a blurb about the team sending a scout to check out Flo Orimolade at Dartmouth's Pro Day. Find the story HERE ;-)
A silly-season, FCS-only, one-round mock draft by Craig Haley of STATS has two Ivy Leaguers chosen. Craig has Alek Torgersen going to the Cleveland Browns and fullback Anthony Firkser going to the Dallas Cowboys. (LINK)
Speaking of silly-season stuff, this Football Scoop posting about a school Dartmouth has established a bit of a scheduling relationship with will make those who question the direction of the Big Green scheduling grimace:
Central Connecticut State University is looking for a Division II or Division III opponent for the 2017 season.
Green Alert Take: Division II is bad enough but Division III?