Friday, May 26, 2017

Check 'Em Out

A couple of highlights for each of the incoming Dartmouth football players courtesy of the Big Green football office:

STATS ranks each of the FCS conferences and here's how they stack up (LINK):
1. Missouri Valley
2. CAA
3. Big Sky
4. Southern
5. Southland
6. Big South
7. Ohio Valley
8. Patriot
9. Ivy
10. Northeast
11. Southwestern
12. MEAC
13. Pioneer

Here's what the service has to say about the Ivy League race:
The last 10 league titles have included either Harvard or Penn, if not both, so there's no reason not to expect them to be a part of this year's title hunt. Princeton, which shared last year's title with Penn, will continue to have an explosive offense and make for another three-team race. The other teams incorporated young players into the mix last season, so there is a chance for some upsets this year.
And about the Patriot League:
This might be too low of a ranking because defending champion Lehigh and Fordham (behind FCS rushing champion Chase Edmonds) should both make the playoffs this season. Both teams will be among the highest scoring in the FCS, although, like the rest of the league, they have to improve defensively. Colgate always does well when expectations are down, and they are after finishing only 5-5 and then losing many experienced players. 
Tulsa World has a lengthy look at former Dartmouth assistant Jarrail Jackson's interesting journey through college football (and rec softball ;-).

And they're off. That Certain Dartmouth '14 and a Certain Davidson '13 grad put in 20 miles on the first day of their hike from the Mexican border to the Canadian border on the Pacific Crest Trail. Don't worry. There won't be daily updates here although I'll toss up a link to their blog once it picks up a little speed ;-)