Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ouch . . . Again

Another week, another Ivy League prediction, another "slight" for Dartmouth? Here's how Lindy's sees the Ivy League race, courtesy of a loyal BGA reader:

1. Penn
2. Harvard
3. Princeton
4. Yale
5. Dartmouth
6. Brown
7. Cornell
8. Columbia

Green Alert Take: Old habits die hard.

Athlon, meanwhile, limits its FCS coverage to a Top-25 ranking with no Ivy League team included but the Patriot League's Lehigh at 12 and Fordham at 21.

(The Sporting News Ivy League prediction was posted earlier HERE.)
From this morning's Valley News about a bear family that has made itself at home in Hanover:
Three juvenile bears that were initially targeted to be destroyed after two of them forced their way into a residence and later won a reprieve from Gov. Chris Sununu have been trapped and relocated.
That's right. The bears were pardoned by the governor. (LINK)

And this from the local daily as well:
The bears’ mother hasn’t been accompanying the juveniles in recent days, (Andrew Timmins, the state of New Hampshire Fish and Game’s Bear Project leader) said, and as of Sunday evening she had not been captured. Fish and Game will resume efforts to trap her this week, he said.