Saturday, May 06, 2017

Read Away

The latest issue of Dartmouth's DP2 PEAK Quarterly features a couple of stories I freelanced on current football player Matthew Shearin and former football/baseball player Brian Conroy '86. Find the Shearin story HERE and the Conroy story HERE. Both are worth your time on this Saturday. Not because of how they are written but because of the impressive people they are about.

All totaled I wrote six stories for this issue of the magazine, which was centered around students preparing for – and being prepared for – their professional life after Dartmouth. Find the full magazine HERE.
The Eagle-Tribune down in Massachusetts covers the publishing of a two-volume history of Haverhill (Masss.) football. From the story:
"My father wrote the foreward and I included the history of Haverhill Stadium, which was first dedicated in 1916 during a dedication game played between Georgetown University and Dartmouth College," (co-author Michael Young) said, noting that program for that game on Oct. 21, 1916, appears in the book.
"The Ivy league had the best teams in the country at that time," Young said. "Haverhill great Johnny Gilroy played for Georgetown and upset heavily favored Dartmouth, 10-0, which propelled Georgetown into the national spotlight. With a 5,000 seat capacity, Haverhill's stadium was one of the best stadiums in the country at that time."
A Haverhill newspaper at the time noted the new stadium "rivals in brilliancy to gatherings at Harvard and Yale Bowl."
Find the full story about the book HERE.
The Block Island Times writes about a memorial to former Dartmouth football great Don McKinnon at the Island Free Library. The headline of the story: ‘The Legend’ is remembered.

Watching Penn State's backup QB in the Nittany Lions' Blue-White game this spring and having seen him run the way he did in the clip above, I found myself thinking about Ivy League offensive player of the year John Lovett of Princeton. The similarity in the two players led me to drop an email off to StateCollege. com columnist Mike Porrman, who studied journalism at the same time I did at PSU. He turned around this COLUMN about the possibility of some of Princeton's offensive approach perhaps being borrowed by the Lions this fall as they try to make the best use of a pair of very talented quarterbacks.
From a FootballScoop posting about a team with an opening:
St. Thomas is looking for a game Week 2 of 2018 & 2019, September 8, 2018 and September 14 2019 and is flexible with home & home locations or the possibility of paying a guarantee depending on game location.
Green Alert Cheap Shot: How long until Ivy teams in jeopardy of getting left at the altar start clipping postings from DIII teams like this . . . just in case?

Green Alert Take: Don't worry. That's not going to happen. But Penn's problem with Jacksonville and a few wrinkles with other potential Ivy League opponents certainly is making scheduling more of a challenge.
And finally, That Certain Dartmouth '14 bid farewell (for the time being) to Yellowstone today in advance of five )?) months hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. She texted this: