Wednesday, May 10, 2017

They Don't Tackle But It's Hardly Powder Puff Football

The Dartmouth football office has posted a video from the spring Green-White game and before you watch, a couple of thoughts.

First, the usual warnings apply for turning down the audio on your computer if you are much older than the average college player.

Second, while the Green-White was not tackle you'll notice it wasn't exactly two-hand touch, either.

OK, here's a third. There's enough action in this video to make you dizzy ;-)

Cronkite News, the news division of Arizona PBS has a story under the headline, Former NFL kicker hopes to improve football safety with technology. The former kicker is Dartmouth alum Nick Lowery '78.

In addition to the reference to Dartmouth University, this statement in the story is incorrect:
Teevens has completely eliminated player contact during practice.
Green Alert Take: That's not even close. It's still football. Players block hard in practice and they still aggressively push and grab each other. They just don't tackle to the ground.

The Cronkite News piece includes this Lowery quote:
“I believe I was put on this Earth to use my experience to bring people together and solve something like this, which is a solvable problem. We’ll never get rid of concussions, but we can make it so football is not such an awesomely dangerous sport.”
Dartmouth has a 2021 game at Valparaiso and a return visit from Valpo the next fall. News that the Indiana school is expected to join the powerhouse Missouri Valley Conference – an FCS league that includes teams like North Dakota State, South Dakota State, Youngstown State and Northern Iowa – might have initially raised a few Big Green eyebrows. Not to worry.

From a STATS story about the expected move:
(T)he Crusaders would still play FCS football in the PFL, a school spokesman said. The PFL is a non-scholarship league whose membership isn't nearly as strong as the scholarship programs of the Missouri Valley Football Conference, which is separate from the conference, but managed by MVC officials. Only five full-time members of the conference play in the 10-team MVFC.
Valparaiso has struggled in football. Last year's three PFL wins marked its highest total since 2003.
And finally . . . a little politics?

With easily triple – or more – the usual Town Meeting voter turnout Hanover voters yesterday dealt the Dartmouth Greek system a significant blow, defeating a zoning amendment that The Dartmouth wrote, "would no longer require student residences to operate in conjunction with the College and would have affected derecognized fraternities Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Alpha Delta."

Article 9 needed a two-thirds majority to be passed but was defeated, 1,471-1,993, despite charter buses bringing Dartmouth students to the Hanover High School poll on the edge of campus.

From a Valley News story:
Turnout for Town Meeting was high among Dartmouth College students as chartered buses brought undergraduates from Webster Avenue, the “fraternity row,” to the polls at Hanover High.
A few fraternities hosted barbecues, and students handed out flyers urging their peers to vote “Yes on 9.”
Article 9 on the ballot would have deleted and replaced the existing definitions of “student residence” in the campus zoning district and in residential districts, essentially removing a requirement that student residences not owned by Dartmouth be supervised by an “institution,” which the town interprets to mean the college.
CLICK HERE to read the full Valley News story, and check out The Dartmouth and DartBlog for more detail and analysis.