Tuesday, May 09, 2017

What Will New Signing Day Mean?

It is now official. There will be an early "Signing Day" for Division I football players from Dec. 20-22 and it will begin THIS year. From Football Scoop:
The NCAA’s Division 1 Council approved of an early signing period back in April, but that approval was merely one hurdle the concept needed to clear. The Collegiate Commissioners Association runs the National Letter of Intent program, and any changes would have to run through them.
On Monday, those changes were approved.
Football Scoop finishes its piece this way:
The early signing period will change recruiting as we know it. How, exactly, the new period will change remains to be seen, but it’s safe to say Dec. 20 will alter how coaches recruit, build and defend their signing classes.
With the new signing day high school juniors will be allowed to take "official visits" starting on April 1, 2018 rather than on the opening day of classes in their senior year. "Officials" can be made through June starting next year. From an April 14 SB Nation story headlined, College football’s early Signing Day in December: Winners, losers, and a suggestion:
Northern teams could benefit, since in conjunction with the new date, the NCAA includes a rule that prospects will be allowed to take official visits (paid for by the school, and accompanied by a parent or high school coach) in April through June. This allows schools in cold climates to show a different, warmer side to top recruits.
Here's what Dartmouth coach Buddy Teevens had to say a couple of weeks ago about the early signing proposal on BGA Premium:
 “I am in favor of it because in essence it is early decision. It is going to clean the slate a little bit. If somebody thinking about us commits (elsewhere) they are off the board and we have plenty of time to adjust.
"The early visits will be beneficial for us. Right now, with the Dartmouth Plan our kids are off campus prior to Thanksgiving. Last year there were teams in our league that had three official visit opportunities before we had our first. We didn’t have any because we don’t have anybody on campus (in December). I think it would aid early decision if we bring guys here in April, May and June. If (the rule is approved) we can have guys visit not in January but in the spring when they can see spring practice and see a little bit more life and activity on campus when the weather is good.”
RamsWire has a blurb under the headline, 5 most important things to know about the Rams undrafted free agents that includes this:
5. Folarin Orimolade graduated early from the Ivy League The new Rams linebacker graduated two terms with from Dartmouth with a degree in Economics
Flo, by the way, has been assigned uniform number 66.
There was a little snow on our deck this morning but the grass will need to be mowed this week. That can mean just one thing. (Actually it means we are in Northern New England, but work with me ;-)