Thursday, June 08, 2017

Packers Cut Flores

The Green Bay Packers have cut Dartmouth alum Jacob Flores. From the Acme Packing Company website:
As for the departing Flores, the move marks the apparent end of his year-long run in Green Bay. The interior offensive lineman originally signed with the team shortly after the 2016 NFL Draft and battled for a roster spot during the subsequent training camp and the preseason. He received a settlement from the Packers in September arising out of an undisclosed injury but rejoined the club on the practice squad in October.
Back in the dark ages when I worked at Dartmouth there was a minor crisis when someone working at a refreshment stand had the audacity to put up a small banner advertising Coca-Cola in its familiar white-on-red script. The sign was ordered taken down because that kind of commercialization was deemed improper at a school like Dartmouth.

We've come a long way. Check out this page from the summer issue of the magazine, Here in Hanover: