Monday, July 10, 2017

A Dubious Distinction

Sharper eyes than these have uncovered a previously overlooked distinction for the Dartmouth football program.

After winning a share of the Ivy League title with a 6-1 mark in 2015 the Big Green finished eighth in the conference in 2016 with a 1-6 record. That marked the only time in Ivy history a team won the championship one year and finished alone in the basement the next.

(Brown went from "first-to-worst" between 2005 and '06, but the fall was to a three-way tie for sixth place.)

Dartmouth has won 18 Ivy League championships and the only other time it slipped into the second-division the next year was when it won it all with a 6-1 record in 1973 and tied for fifth in the league standings with a 3-4 record the following year.

Here are other schools that have gone from the title to the second-division in a year:

1959-60 Penn (6th)1960-61, Yale (5th)
1968-69 Harvard (t-5th)
1969-70 Princeton (5th)
1973-74 Dartmouth (t-5th)
1981-82 Yale (t-4th)
1986-87 Penn (6th)
1987-88 Harvard (t-6th)
1988-89 Cornell and Penn (t-5th)
1989-90 Princeton (t-6th)
1995-96 Princeton (t-6th)
1997-98 Harvard (t-5th)
2005-06 Brown (t-6th — last)
2015-16 Dartmouth (8th — last)
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