Friday, August 18, 2017

TV Talk

Opponent previews continue on BGA Premium today with a look at Cornell. Each of the previews has a theme drawn from TV. Here are the shows mentioned so far, plus one from today's preview of the Big Red. Can you guess who each refers to and why?

• The Gong Show
• Roy Rogers
• Hill Street Blues
• Frasier
• The Apprentice
• Sale of the Century

Hill Street Blues is the easy one ;-)
Speaking of TV shows, CLICK HERE to watch a quick clip of the MVP in a short and funny segment from yesterday's Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Here's a screenshot from the video:

And speaking of the MVP, a Yahoo story under the headline Are robots a solution to reducing football concussions? begins with a few thoughts from Los Angeles Rams linebacker Flo Orimolade about the team employing the MVP in practice. Find that story HERE.
Finally, the always entertaining All About Circuits website has a Q&A under the headline, Timing, Crowdfunding, and Device Durability: Interview with Quinn Connell of the MVP Tackling Dummy.

From the story:
AAC: Yours is a unique product. Have you seen competitors pop up yet?QC: Not yet but it's very much a copycat industry. At all the conventions, you see a lot of equipment manufacturers. If they don't have a new product, come back a year later and all of a sudden, they've got one that looks identical to yours. We want to make sure that we're doing our due diligence, not only on the patent/IP side but also just trade secrets, making sure that everything that we do is protected.