Wednesday, September 06, 2017

How About That!

I visit a lot of sites trying to keep you informed and entertained, but I've got to admit Golf Digest's Golfworld site isn't one I regularly check out for Dartmouth and Ivy League football news.

Fortunately, a friend with sharper eyes than mine noticed this picture from the remarkable story of Jake Olson, the blind USC longsnapper who made a perfect PAT snap Saturday against Western Michigan.

No 46, helping Olson navigate the field is onetime Dartmouth commit Wyatt Schmidt, brother of former Dartmouth kicker Foley Schmidt '12. A redshirt junior, Wyatt is the USC holder and backup long snapper who can also placekick (National Kicker of the Year at the 2012 Chris Sailer camp) and punt. He was originally headed to Dartmouth before changing his mind and heading to USC, where he is studying real estate development.
Here's how the Sagarin Ratings changed after one week. To the left of each school is the current rating. In parentheses to the right is the rating a week ago.

143Harvard (137)
171Princeton (160)
183Penn (175)
195Dartmouth (188) 
202Yale (198)
214Brown (209)
230Cornell (225)
232Columbia (226)

198Holy Cross (199) 
206Sacred Heart (212)
250Stetson (249)

Green Alert Take: Sagarin is fun to talk about but at this time of year, in particular, it's pretty silly. That said, talk away ;-)
From a 247Sports article:
. . . NCAA members may vote to allow all Division-I transfers to be eligible to play immediately. The only potential restrictions are that student-athletes would be asked to meet a minimum GPA, in order to transfer immediately, and that any additional transfer would require the student-athletes to sit out a full year. 
And . . .
Proponents of student-athletes being permitted to change schools as freely as coaches will undoubtedly laud this potential new development. The concern from some detractors may be the further encouragement of raiding smaller programs as well as the likelihood that the number of annual transfers will grow exponentially. The challenge of tracking potential tampering in pending transfers may also be a potential hazard of the new development. 
Find the NCAA release about a potential change that could have far-reaching effect, perhaps even on the Ivy League.