Tuesday, September 05, 2017

'Splain, Lucy

The FCS polls are out after the first (almost ;-) full week of play and teams of interest in the Northeast who are ranked are New Hampshire at 12 and Lehigh at 19 in both the STATS poll and the FCS coaches poll, and Colgate at No. 25 in the Coaches Poll.

(Anyone who tells you the voters don't crib off each other isn't paying attention.)

Among other teams of regional interest receiving votes in the STATS poll are Fordham (29th), Albany (31st), Colgate (34th), Stony Brook (41st), Princeton (42nd) Harvard (45th), Maine (48th), Rhode Island (49th), Penn (52nd), Wagner (59th).

Teams from the Northeast also garnering votes in the Coaches Poll are Harvard (39th), Fordham (44th), Albany (48th) and Saint Francis (48th). 

For the life of me, please explain how the STATS poll can have Fordham, which lost to Army, 64-6, receive 199 votes while Holy Cross, which had UConn on the ropes until the end, not receive even a single vote.

Green Alert Take: I used to vote in several of these polls but finally stopped because casting an intelligent vote meant too much research, and required more time than I could afford to give. Apparently a lot of people don't devote as much time to the polls as they should.
Among Dartmouth opponents this week the wise guys have:

Stetson (0-1) as a 7.5-point underdog at Marist (0-1).

Holy Cross (0-1) as a one-point favorite at Bucknell (1-0).

Sacred Heart (1-0) as a five-point favorite at Lafayette (0-1).

Consider this about Stetson, Dartmouth's Game One opponent. The Hatters are more than a touchdown underdog to a Marist team that lost last week to Bucknell, 45-6.
The local Valley News writes about Vito Penza's journey from Dartmouth quarterback recruit to running back to a tight end/H-back role HERE.

The newspaper also confirms what a glimpse at the Winston-Salem football roster yesterday morning revealed: Dartmouth transfer quarterback Bruce Dixon, who went through spring practice at the North Carolina school, is no longer with the program.
For those who have been asking, That Certain Dartmouth '14 reluctantly (but very wisely) jumped ahead on her Pacific Crest Trail hike, skipping (for the time being) wildfire-plagued Oregon to do the Washington piece. The plan is to hike through to the Canadian border and then flip-flop back to Oregon to complete the trail after the fires have subsided. She has finished more than 1,500 miles of the hike to date. Find her blog HERE.