Friday, September 15, 2017

Stetson Bound

The first "Teevens Teleteaser" is up on the Dartmouth website and I'd embed it here if I could, but it won't let me so CLICK HERE to watch.
The Dartmouth has a Stetson preview HERE.
Jake Wilson Novak of the Roar Lions blog makes his weekly picks and doesn't think much of Stetson's chances. Click HERE for more. (Got my Ivy-blogging Jakes backward. Sorry Jakes ;-)
Catching a flight this morning to Florida where I'll be bivouacking with my longtime sports editor, now retired in the Sunshine State and unfortunately still without power. (I'll be toting along some solar gadgetry so we have light and an inverter so the computer can suck electricity out of the rental car.)

The plan is to drive to DeLand from his place on the Gulf Coast for the game against Stetson and pull my story together on the way back. The hope is to find somewhere that has electricity and wifi to post my game story. As usual for a night game, there will be just one story Saturday and at least one follow Sunday. (Given the uncertainties regarding power etc., time will tell.)

Check BGA Premium later today for the Fearful Forecast featuring pithy picks for Saturday games featuring Dartmouth opponents as well as the Stetson preview. (I hope to be posting during our layover.)

The next few days are going to be interesting ;-)