Thursday, September 14, 2017

Out Of The Woods . . . Tomorrow

Dartmouth's "trailer" for Saturday's opening game at Stetson plays off the use of The Woods metaphor for the Big Green's home:

From a Stetson release (italics are mine):
Many of our away athletic events that were scheduled last weekend were able to take place out of the state. We are working with the City of DeLand and will play our home football game against Dartmouth this Saturday evening, 6 p.m., at Spec Martin Stadium, which currently has power and no structural damage. Stetson faculty, staff and students will be admitted to the game free of charge with a Stetson ID. For the public, all general admission tickets are half off and children 12 and under get in free. Until the residence halls are available, the players will be housed off campus.
The Yale Undergraduate Sports Analytics Group gives Dartmouth a 99.1 percent chance of winning Saturday at Stetson and a 14.5 percent chance of winning the title. Find the story in the Yale Daily News HERE.
The Daily Pennsylvanian takes a capsule look at all the Ivy League teams and includes this on Dartmouth . . .
While the Big Green graduated last year’s starting quarterback Jack Heneghan . . .
Uhh. They may be in for a surprise on Sept. 29 ;-)
From a Football Scoop piece on imminent changes in the Canadian Football League:
The CFL will become the first professional football league to ban in-season full contact practices. The Ivy League banned in-season full contact practices in 2016.