Friday, September 08, 2017

Take A Look

Curious about Stetson football? Here are Sacred Heart highlights from its 42-3 win over the Hatters:

Trading emails yesterday with the Stetson SID I learned that the Dartmouth-Stetson game is slated to be carried on ESPN3, the online streaming video component of ESPN. Anyone who has the right level of services with their provider will be able to watch the game on their computer, tablet or phone at no charge.
The Indianapolis Star has a story about the MVP under the headline: How ‘Rudy’ the robot helps Brebeuf learn tackling.

Gotta admit, I like this quote from Brebeuf coach Mic Roessler about the MVP:
He has a motor that won’t quit.
Canada's Globe and Mail has another story about the MVP under the headline, Meet the newest piece of technology aiming to curb concussions in football.
The Big Green football office has repackaged a video about why football is different at Dartmouth. Check it out here:

With the Harvard scrimmage now history, the "camp" portion of the Dartmouth preseason is essentially over and preparation for the opener is about to begin. Be sure to check BGA Premium tonight to read all about it.
And finally, That Certain Dartmouth '14 called last night from Washington State where she "flip-flopped" to try to dodge wildfires and continue her Pacific Crest Trail hike. She reported about still more closures ahead of her and thick, acrid smoke that has locals wearing bandanas across their faces. With fires behind her,  fires or closures dotting the trail ahead of her, and day after day of hiking through smoke, she's disappointed and running out of options.

I may be biased but I think after making it through near historic snows in the high Sierras and more than 100 nights on the trail it seems like piling on to have to deal with the fires in the part of the PCT she was most excited about hiking. To be sure, it's nothing compared to the natural disasters in Texas and looming in Florida, but I can appreciate her frustration.