Thursday, October 05, 2017

Check It Out

From the Dartmouth football office:

Dartmouth-Yale leads the Manchester Union Leader college roundup. (LINK)
Here's how the computer folks think this week's Ivy League (and Dartmouth opponent) games stack up:

Massey Has:
Yale 24, at Dartmouth 21 (54 percent confidence)
Harvard 35, at Cornell 21 (84 percent confidence)
Brown 38, at Stetson 10 (97 percent confidence)
Columbia 38, at Marist 14 (94 percent confidence)
Penn 35, at Central Connecticut 21 (83 percent confidence)
Princeton 34, Georgetown 7 (97 percent confidence)

Holy Cross 28, Monmouth 27 (51 percent confidence)
Sacred Heart has a bye.

According to Sagarin:
Yale is favored by one at Dartmouth
Harvard is favored by 20 at Cornell
Brown is favored by 27 at Stetson
Columbia is favored by 12 over Marist
Penn is favored by 10 at Central Connecticut.
Princeton is favored by 18 at Georgetown

Monmouth is favored by two against Holy Cross
The San Jose Mercury News leads its hometown notes with a little about Dartmouth quarterback Jack Heneghan, including a file picture from his high school days. (LINK)
ABC-7 in Southern California reports on Harvard-Westlake School using the MVP robotic tackling dummy developed at Dartmouth. (LINK)
STATS has a story about the Ivy League's former sister conference under the harsh but entirely accurate headline, Entire Patriot League off to horrendous start. (LINK)

From the story:
. .  . (E)very member of the league owns a losing record. Every other FCS conference has at least three teams with records of .500 or better.