Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Yale-Dartmouth Heating Up

WTNH Television has a video report on the Dartmouth-Yale game HERE.
Like Dartmouth, Yale has had penalty issues this fall. The Elis called in reinforcements after being whistled 24 times over its first two games. From the New Haven Register:
With that in mind, head coach Tony Reno added a new twist to practice this past week, bringing in a group of local college referees to officiate Wednesday’s practice.
And . . .
. . . Purdue, where Reno’s brother, Domenic, is the strength coach, has been doing it for a while now.
“They do it every Wednesday,” Reno said. “They thought that it was very beneficial. So, we gave it a shot. It was good, because when you’re able to repeat form, technique correctly over a period of time, the chance of you doing it correctly on Saturday is much better.”
The result: Just three penalties in the Bulldogs' big win over Fordham.

Also from the story:
“Nothing against the three teams we’ve played earlier, they’re all very good programs and I’ve got a lot of respect for all three of them,” Reno noted. “But Dartmouth’s the best we’ve played.” 
Yale's game notes have been posted. Find them HERE.
The Dartmouth has a brief history of Homecoming at the college. 

Green Alert Take: Before I started as the beat writer covering Dartmouth sports I worked at the college in the sports information office and at that time we weren't allowed to use the term Homecoming. It was always "Dartmouth Night," and "Dartmouth Night Weekend," because at Dartmouth, we were told, alumni are always welcome to come back home ;-)