Sunday, October 08, 2017

Saturday Wrap

An email arrived at the BGA world headquarters last week with a comment about the Fearless Forecast column that picks scores of Dartmouth's opponents each week. I gently reminded the emailer that the correct name of the column is Fearful Forecast and yesterday's results are a reminder why it is called that.

Saturday's Wrap:

Cornell 17, Harvard 14
The good news for those still to play Harvard? The Crimson really is beatable this year. The bad news? You better mind your P's and Q's when you play previously winless Cornell because if you aren't paying attention the Big Red can bite after all.

Stetson 17, Brown 13
I'm told that is not a misprint. I'm still having a hard time believing it, but good for old friend Roger Hughes who has had Brown's number two years in a row.

Columbia 41, Marist 17
The Lions are 4-0 and tied with Dartmouth for the Ivy League lead. And no, that's not a misprint, either.

Central Connecticut 42, Penn 21
The suspicion was that Penn wasn't as good as its early start. Suspicion confirmed.

Princeton 50, Georgetown 30
The Ivy League's favorite punching bag takes another one on the chin.

Monmouth 48, Holy Cross 36
With a 4-0 record against Patriot League teams Monmouth leads the conference . . . and it's not even in the conference.