Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Last Look At Columbia

The Roar Lions blog takes a final look at Dartmouth-Columbia, and in the blog as well as in the comments there are some very interesting thoughts about Saturday's final play and the confusion in the final seconds that cost the Big Green a final snap. (LINK)
The offshore Wise Guys have installed Dartmouth as a one-point favorite at Harvard. And the last time that happened was, uh  . . .

Penn is favored by 17.5 at Brown
Yale is favored by 7 at home against Columbia
Princeton is favored by 21.5 at home against Cornell

Holy Cross is favored by 15 at home against Georgetown
Duquesne is favored by 9 at Sacred Heart
San Diego is favored by 27.5 at Stetson
Northeast teams in the STATS poll:
13. Villanova
17. New Hampshire
31. Columbia
32. Monmouth
33. Albany
42. Dartmouth
44. Princeton
46. Yale

And in the COACHES poll:
15. Villanova
16. New Hampshire
28. Stony Brook
30. Monmouth
33. Dartmouth
35. Columbia
The New York Times has a story under the headline, Columbia Football Keeps Winning. Some Fans Aren’t Happy About It. (LINK) Jill Levey, a 1988 Columbia grad is quoted this way:
“When my husband told me that Columbia had beaten Penn, I said, 'That’s bad news.' When I went to Columbia, we prided ourselves on being anti-football and pro-intellectual. Can’t we retain our pride in being anti-athletic intellectual nerds?”
Green Alert Take: No comment.
Harvard highlights from Friday night's 52-17 home loss to Princeton run just 1:39 but you can get a glimpse of how dangerous freshman quarterback Jake Smith can be with his feet:

Princeton's highlights are a little longer and illustrate Harvard's defensive difficulty:

On the subject of video highlights, as if it's not annoying enough that the Ivy League makes you watch a commercial to catch a highlight, it gets worse. Depending on your computer/phone/tablet it will let you sit through the commercial and then inform you that the video you've been waiting for can't be watched on your device. Funny how the commercial can play, isn't it?

OK, here's the deal. It IS playable on my device, which happens to be a laptop. When I change browsers I can watch the highlight after sitting through the annoying commercial again.

To borrow from the NFL broadcasts, "C'mon man!"
There's a report that former Dartmouth assistant coach-turned-business mogul Joe Moglia has signed a new contract as head football coach at Coastal Carolina. (LINK) From the report:
Moglia’s new contract is for a $400,000 base salary to be reviewed annually by the university’s president. His initial contract signed in 2012 had a base salary of $175,000.
And finally, That Certain Nittany Lion '16 has his voice back after joining with 110,821 of his friends at a Whiteout for the ages that included this (and do watch at least a bit to see the phones start lighting up):


With a record number of participants in the Guess The Attendance Contest for Columbia, the winner was the contrarian among us. The official attendance for the game was 5,237. The average guess was 7,927. The winning guess was 5,312 by Mike O'Flynn '91, off from the official tally by only 75. Mike was followed closely by John Skewes and then Dave Harrison.

A $100 gift card to Pine Restaurant at the Hanover Inn and a Dartmouth Football NexTitle19 hat is on its way to Mike.

Congrats, Mike! And thanks to all participants in the contest.

Stayed tuned to Big Green Alert (BGA) for upcoming contests!