Thursday, October 26, 2017

With A Grain Of Salt

From the Dartmouth football office:

Massey Ratings sees . . .

Dartmouth 24, at Harvard 21 (55 percent confidence)
at Yale 28, Columbia 21 (70 percent confidence)
at Princeton 41, Cornell 20 (93 percent confidence)
Penn 31 at Brown  14 (89 percent confidence)

at Holy Cross 27, Georgetown 10 (89 percent confidence)
Duquesne 35, at Sacred Heart 28 (75 percent confidence)
San Diego 37, at Stetson 7 (99 percent confidence)

Curious how Massey has fared over the season? Here are Massey's picks for Dartmouth games with the correct predictions in green and incorrect in red:

Week One
Massey: Dartmouth 33, Stetson 7
Actual: Dartmouth 38, Stetson 7

Week Two
Massey: Holy Cross 24, Dartmouth 23
Actual: Dartmouth 27, Holy Cross 26 (OT)

Week Three
Massey: Penn 28 Dartmouth 20
Actual: Dartmouth 16, Penn 13

Week Four
Massey: Yale 24, Dartmouth 21
Actual: Dartmouth 28, Yale 27

Week Five
Massey: Dartmouth 28, Sacred Heart 20
Actual: Dartmouth 29, Sacred Heart 26

Week Six
Massey: Dartmouth 23, Columbia 20
Actual: Columbia 22, Dartmouth 17
The Huff Post has a wonderful rebuttal for those Columbia grads who take issue with the Lions having a winning football season. From the column:
An article in the October 24 New York Times reported some Columbia alumni are having trouble coping with the new-found success, worrying it may take away from the university’s reputation for academics.
Harvard has won or shared the Ivy League football title six times in the last ten years, and I doubt their alums are worried about that sullying the school’s reputation.
Strange goings on in Hanover. A NHPR headline: Dartmouth Investigating 'Serious Misconduct' Involving Three Professors. (LINK)