Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Fit To Be Tied

With a seven-way tie for the Ivy League championship a possibility some of us wondered how that would play across the country, which doesn't always give Ivy football its due. It hasn't happened yet, and the odds are against it, but we got a sneak peak with a couple of unflattering headlines.

Business Insider: The Ivy League's football conference is so absurd that 7 teams might tie for first place

The Wall Street Journal: An Ivy League Football Apocalypse? Now? Maybe
Brown produced a short video with a series of interviews that will have you believing a team that is having a tough year will be ready to play Friday night. CLICK HERE to watch it.
Dartmouth's notes have been posted HERE.
Worth Noting: Friday's game at Fenway is a Brown home game. It's also the last time Dartmouth will play Brown in Week 9 of the season. Starting next year Dartmouth and Brown will close out the season against each other.

Worth Noting II: The Dartmouth-Brown game is one of two games the Big Green freshmen and sophomores will play in a major league ballpark. On Nov. 9, 2019 Dartmouth will play Princeton at Yankee Stadium. Dartmouth will be the home team in that game.
Here's how Massey sees this week's games going:
Dartmouth 24, Brown  6 (92 percent certainty)
Yale 35, at Princeton 31 (63 percent)
Penn 28, at Harvard 27 (52 percent)
Columbia 21, at Cornell17 (63 percent)

And next week:
Princeton 27, at Dartmouth 24 (60 percent)
at Yale 31, Harvard 17 (85 percent)
at Columbia 28, Brown 10 (92 percent)
at Penn 30, Cornell 20 (78 percent)

If Massey has it right the final standings will look like this . . .
1. Yale (6-1)
2. Columbia (5-2)
3. Dartmouth (4-3)
3. Penn (4-3)
5. Cornell (3-4)
5. Harvard (3-4)
5. Princeton (3-4)
8. Brown 0-7)