Thursday, November 09, 2017

Fenway Frenzy Heats Up As Temperature Drops

Here's the Compughterratings Simulation Result for tomorrow's game:

The latest forecast is for the temperature in Boston to be 28 degrees at kickoff with 16 mph winds.
USA Today has joined the chorus of outlets noticing the seven-way tie scenario that was posted HERE a week ago. From the paper:
This seems like something that could only happen in Ivy League football, and while it's a long shot, it's still possible going into Week 11 of college football.
From the Harvard Crimson:
Much to the delight of sports writers everywhere, the possibility of a seven-team tie for first place is still in the picture. If there were ever a better storyline to root for, I am not aware of it.
Of course, this zany finish requires that one team finishes winless—in this case, Brown is that team.
The Crimson column (LINK), picks Dartmouth to hold up its part of the bargain with a 37-10 win over the Bears.
The Daily Pennsylvanian thinks a seven-way tie would be fitting. (LINK):
All of these players and teams have been laying it all on the line all season long. The seven-way tie scenario wouldn't be the result of the lack of competition that people say the "participation trophy generation" breeds, but rather, it'd be the result of a surplus of dramatic competition.
Green Alert Take: Much more likely than a seven-way tie would be the first four-way tie in Ivy history. That would require just one Yale loss. Here's one way it might play out (records are Ivy only):

First, Dartmouth improves to 4-2 by defeating winless Brown Friday.

And on Saturday . . .
• Yale goes to 5-1 with a win at battered Princeton.
• Harvard gets to 4-2 with a home win against Penn.
• Either Columbia or Cornell goes to 4-2 by beating the other.

Next week . . .
• Dartmouth improves to 5-2 win a home win against Princeton.
• A Harvard win at Yale gets the Crimson to 5-2 and drops the Elis to 5-2.
• Depending on what happens Saturday, either Columbia beats Brown at home to get to 5-2 or Cornell wins in Philly to get to 5-2.
While Dartmouth and Brown fans are excited about Friday's game at Fenway Park, not every fan base looks forward to games like that. Apparently there were a lot of Rutgers fans last week who were thrilled that the New York Yankees' run in the major league playoffs forced the cancellation of a scheduled Scarlet Knights' appearance at Yankee Stadium. (LINK)