Friday, November 03, 2017

Hey, It Could Happen . . .

Stay with me here . . .

Just imagine that this week's Ivy League games go like this:
Dartmouth wins at home over Cornell
Yale wins at home over Brown
Harvard beats Columbia in New York City
Penn beats Princeton in Philadelphia

Then next week's games go like this:
Dartmouth beats Brown at Fenway Park
Princeton wins at home over Yale
Cornell wins at home over Columbia
Penn beats Harvard in Cambridge

And the final games go like this:
Princeton beats Dartmouth in Hanover
Penn wins at home over Cornell
Columbia wins at home over Brown
Harvard beats Yale in New Haven

Then the Ivy League standings would look like this:

Could it happen? Everything would have to fall in place, of course, but there isn't a single result in that scenario you would call a shocker.

And if the only change in the script is a Dartmouth win over Princeton in Week 10? The Big Green wins the title outright ;-)
Dartmouth's game notes are HERE.
The Cornell Sun, which has shown significantly more interest in football than the local college daily, has yet another story on this week's matchup under the headline, Three keys to a football win over Dartmouth. (LINK)
The Valley News writes about Dartmouth longsnapper Grant Jaffe. (LINK)
New Hampshire (5-3), which is having an off season by UNH standards, will play a money game next fall at Colorado. (LINK)