Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Looking Back, Looking Forward

From the Dartmouth football office (and this is a fun one ;-):

Dartmouth is the only home underdog in Week 10 according to the offshore wise guys.
Princeton is a 3.5-point favorite at Dartmouth
Yale is a 16-point favorite in New Haven over Harvard
Columbia is a 19.5-point favorite in NYC over Brown
Penn is a 13.5 point favorite in Philly over Cornell
Jay Greenberg, who does a terrific job chronicling Princeton football, points out in this story that in Saturday's 35-31 loss to Princeton the Tigers piled up 527 yards . . . wait for it . . . in just 19 minutes of possession time. Yale held the ball for 41 minutes.

The piece includes this quote from Princeton coach Bob Surace:
“There are five really good defensive teams in the league this year: Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Harvard and Dartmouth, which we haven’t played yet. And if you look at it, the only team that scored against any of them was us.”
For the record, here are the scores of those games:
Princeton 52, Harvard 17
Yale 35, Princeton 31
Princeton 28, Columbia 24
Cornell 29, Princeton 28 
Northeast teams in the STATS Top 25
10. Stony Brook
16. New Hampshire
26. Monmouth
29. Yale
33. Columbia
38. Central Connecticut
39. Dartmouth

And in the FCS Coaches Poll
12. Stony Brook
14. New Hampshire
22. Monmouth
30. Yale
33. Central Connecticut
And finally, if you decide to brave the weather and check out Dartmouth football practice this week you should know that the current schedule has practice at 4:15 today but at 2:45 tomorrow and Thursday to give the players a little more evening study time with exams beginning at the end of the week.
And finally II: The latest forecast for Saturday is 34 degrees, 11 mph wind and 68 percent of light rain at kickoff. Probably the only thing Big Green faithful would prefer with Princeton and its high powered offense coming to town is the rain to turn to snow . . . which it might ;-)