Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Time Will Tell

Massey Ratings predicts Dartmouth-Princeton should be the most competitive game of the final week of the Ivy League season. Here's how the service sees Week 10:
Princeton 31, Dartmouth 28 (58 percent confidence)
Yale 31, Harvard 14 (89 percent)
Columbia 27, Brown  7 (93 percent)
Penn 28, Cornell 14 (85 percent)
If Massey has it right, Yale will be the sole Ivy League champion with Columbia second and Dartmouth third.
The Hartford Courant writes about Yale bidding to win its first solo Ivy League championship since 1980. (LINK) writes about Jesper Horsted, the Princeton wide receiver who Dartmouth will have to contend with on Saturday. In addition to setting records on the football field, he's an All-Ivy League centerfielder for the Tigers. Here's how the story starts:
While Jesper Horsted weighed his college options as a senior at Roseville High in the fall of 2014, he made three lists to help with his decision. 
One included schools interested him in as a football player. Another comprised schools interested in him as a baseball player. Yet another was a list of schools interested him in playing both sports. 
The first two lists grew long for the 2015 winner of the St. Paul Downtown Lion’s Club amateur athlete of the year. But the third, with schools willing to buck trend and permit a two-sport Division I athlete, wasn’t even a proper list with only one school: Princeton.
Cameron Skaff, Buddy Teevens, Gesine Bullock-Prado, Ray Prado, Brock Bacon, Davaron Stockman, Charles Mack and Kirsten Teevens
From the Nov. 2 BGA Premium posting:
Buddy Teevens is always trying to cook up something special for his players but earlier this week it was someone else doing the cooking. 
Along with his wife Kirsten, Teevens and Dartmouth seniors Cameron Skaff, Davaron Stockman, Charles Mack and Brock Bacon were the guests of chef and baker Gesine Bullock-Prado for a filming of her new show, Baked In Vermont. 
Bullock-Prado, the wife of former Dartmouth football player Ray Prado ’89 and sister of actor Sandra Bullock, is a former movie executive and attorney-turned-baker. Ray Prado, a movie storyboard artist, invited Teevens to bring players by for the filming of the show.
“It was Hollywood with big lights, people setting things up and all,” the coach said. “I didn’t know what to expect but it was extremely well done.” 
As was the meal. 
“It was a pork pie,” said Teevens. “It was outstanding, five-star quality. It reminded me of a Thanksgiving dinner at home. The food kept coming.” 
The meal finished with a special treat. “She made a cake that when she cut it open it had a D inside the cake,” Teevens said. "It was fascinating.” 
Boom mics picked up the conversation while the dinner guests ate. “Davaron Stockman was talking about his grandmother and étouffée and the stuff they cook up down south,” Teevens said. “Brock Bacon talked about some of the Texas barbecue. Charles Mack and Cameron Skaff from Virginia talked about some of the seafood and so forth they get down there.”
Read about the new TV series HERE.
In his first year at the University of Central Oklahoma old friend Jarrail "JJ" Jackson, the former Dartmouth receivers coach, has helped groom the Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association offensive player of the year in receiver JT Luper. The Broncho's star has 101 catches for 1,544 yards and 12 touchdowns this fall.

A former standout Oklahoma Sooner receiver, Jackson turned the state into a Dartmouth recruiting hotbed while also having success in Texas, where he recruited a quarterback you may have heard of by the name of Dalyn Williams.