Monday, January 01, 2018

Small World

The final 2017 sunset from Moose Mountain looking out over Vermont

As I wrote to a couple of former football families last night, it's a Grand Canyon but a small world!

After finishing her stint at the national park's visitor center yesterday, That Certain Dartmouth '14 grabbed her pack and headed down the trail to spend a memorable New Year's Eve camping with friends at Indian Garden. With a near-full moon illuminating the trail she spotted several hikers heading up to the south rim. As they got closer, she saw . . . they were wearing . . . Dartmouth clothing.

When they got even closer she recognized former offensive lineman Will Guinee '15. And then Pedro Robinson '15, who played a little running back before transitioning to rugby. The friends were part of a larger group – with a decidedly Big Green tint – who had been rafting through Grand Canyon on the Colorado.

Round the Girdled Earth, indeed.

Happy New Year all.