Thursday, February 22, 2018

Meanwhile, On The Ice . . .

Laura Schuler profiled in the DP2 quarterly PEAK
Did you stay up and watch the dramatic gold medal women's ice hockey game in the Winter Olympics last night? If you watched Team USA's shootout win (LINK), you saw Laura Stacey '16 skate for Canada, and Dartmouth head coach Laura Schuler, on loan from the Big Green, behind the bench as the head coach for Canadian team.

Before Schuler's first season Hanover (2016-17) I profiled her for PEAK, the DP2 quarterly magazine. The story began this way:
New Dartmouth women’s ice hockey coach Laura Schuler started skating at two and slapping the puck around at three. 
The Ontario native joined the Toronto Aeros at age 11, went on to star as a collegian at Northeastern, skated for two more seasons at the University of Toronto, played on the Canadian National Team from 1990 through the 1998 Olympics in Nagano, Japan – where she earned a silver medal – and has been coaching pretty much ever since. 
That’s a whole lot of games, a boatload of rinks, an awful lot of miles, motels and memories, and more than a few years ago. So it should hardly be a surprise that Schuler’s recollections of her four games on the ice against Dartmouth are a little hazy. 
But one thing is clear as the bell atop Baker Library. 
“What I always remember about playing Dartmouth is the kids were so cerebral,” she said in her Davis Varsity House office this summer. “They understood the game. They played so well from a team perspective. You knew when you played against Dartmouth you had to bring your best game because they were not going to make a lot of mistakes.”
Find the full story here.